Blog 17

My revising is coming along slowly, but surely. I’m just trying to make sure I cover everything I want to in composition 1 & 3 because that’s what I want to clear up for the portfolio. I’m much more confident in what I am trying to do in composition 1 because I know what I have to change or add on to, but composition 3 I feel like I just need to find more information and form a better website that would interest the readers more in what I am talking about.


Blog 16

I’m currently getting everything together for composition 1 and trying to see what improvements I can make on composition 3 to make it better than last time. The problems I am having is trying to see what I want to incorporate into the new ideas and what to keep from the old ideas. Other than that I want to say I’m doing well and making a lot of progress The only thing is I am thinking about switching up and doing the opposite ones because it was more interesting to talk about.

Blog 14

For my portfolio I feel as if I should work on composition 1 and 2. The reason I chose this is because they were a little more interesting to the topic I was presenting. Also I feel as if I can present more information in more of a creative way. Both were very informative in the route I chose to take to make it look the way it is, but there is always room for improvement in any aspect.

Blog 13

The research I am finding for my new topic on how to respect technology as a privilege instead of abusing it is going well. There is a lot of information out there showing how technology is productive and how it isĀ moving our world alongĀ in a positive way, but it is also showing how we abuse it. In certain areas, the abuse is huge and extremely negative. Texting and driving is a big example of the abuse. Some of my old research is working actually because I can relate my new arguments with some of the old and tie them together. The research is changing because at first, I only focused on the negative and what could become of the world if the negative outweighs the positive. Now it is changing because I am presenting both sides of the argument. My thought process is changing over to keeping both sides in play while I manage to uphold the expectations of the assignment. Keeping both sides in mind is what my paper is really about.

Blog 12

The major shift I’m making from Blog 11 is after a long process of figuring out what I’m going to do, I changed my claim to show that technology is a privilege, but it is also abused. I’m adding some off the same concepts I had from composition 3 over to this one because they bring up big points on how we abuse technology and the consequences we can suffer from it. This made everything easier because I finally have a foundation I can write from and it allows me to gather more information about the argument. Now instead of giving just a one sided view, I can talk about both sides and how this is affecting our world in a positive and negative way. So overall I found this shift complicated at first, but much easier to talk about.

Blog 11

My argument in composition 3 is telling how technology is rapidly taking over our l its and changing who we are as individuals. My audience varies because it can be told to kids as young as age 13, but it is mainly for high school student to parents. This is different from composition 3 because I gave specific examples on how it is taking over on a website and I took more of a negative route. There is some good that can come out of technology, but I will be telling how we need to exercise instead of staying inside. In my composition 4 I guess I will be showing both sides and how it could affect us.

Blog 10

In my composition I made a website. From what I’ve been told, I am headed down the right track, but need to continue to figure out how to make everything as good as I can. I’ve been asking for advice to see what I can do to make it very entertaining. I take the process as I go. I’m going to add more images and maybe another video to get the point across. Also I’m going to add more statistics instead of the long article in my about page. Other than that, I should be close to finishing the composition.